I am writing to let you know that I love my newest Drinkwell Fountain. So does my cat...People think I'm crazy when I tell them my cat has a "water fountain." I think they are crazy for not giving their pet fresh water at all times. Thanks so much for the time and research put into this product.

Kimbrie N.
South Carolina


I purchased the Drinkwell Pet Fountain and it is now the only thing my three cats will drink out of. I purchased it because one of my cats had severe kidney failure and it has drastically improved his health and quality of life. It has also stopped my other cat from jumping on the counter and crying for me to turn the sink on. We love the Drinkwell and would recommend it to everyone.

John & Cassandra H.


I own 4 cats, 1 male and 3 females. My male cat, Cory, developed crystals in his urinary tract and antibiotics alone were not helping. If he did not drink more water, he was going to die. He is only 1 year old and I will not let him die! The Drinkwell Platinum Fountain has saved his life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Beth D.
Newman, GA


I purchased one before and decided to get another for the first floor of the house. Among my cats, I have a blind cat and she can hear where the fountain is and thus, drinks more water. Blind cats are known for being poor water drinkers, as cats don't like accidently dipping their nose in water. The Drinkwell is a wonderful product that my cats absolutely love!

Katie B.
Yorba Linda, CA


Somehow I suddenly had 5 felines in my possession. They love the two fountains that I purchased. They will even come get me if the fountain is turned off and meow until I turn it on. They also let me know when it is running low. For them, I am saying thank you for the fountains.

Betty B.


After a painful experience with UTI and bladder crystals, our vet told us our kitty would need to be fed prescription diet for the rest of his life. What a bummer. We heard about the Drinkwell Pet Fountain and invested in it for our kitty's health. Our kitty started drinking copious amounts of water, no prescription diet necessary! I am now a big advocate. Who would want to drink out of a dirty, stagnant bowl anyway? The filtered, aerated water from the Drinkwell is fresh and great.

Caleb R.


Our cat loves the Drinkwell! His kidney values have come into the normal range and we are delighted.

Joyce S.


Our 4 cats love your fountain and we like the efficiency of its use. Our males are drinking more than before and our youngest girl loves it!

Greta B.


Our cats love their fountain and it keeps them off the counters and out of the sinks!

Michelle M.


I got the Drinkwell fountain for my Birman and she absolutely loves it. I had previously tried the cheaper other named fountain and ended up giving it away. Yours is absolutely the best and I am consistently recommending your excellent product to all my friends all over the U.S. that love their furbabies.

Kathryn H.


We love our fountains and recommend them to everyone we know, including our vet! Thanks for such a wonderful product!

Sean R.


Upon opening the package, the first thing I noticed was the quality of the product. It is well-made, sturdy and odorless. I was really impressed! Kaz is prone to urinary tract infections but now she won't get dehydrated! As far as I'm concerned, you have attained PURRFECTION in this imperfect world.

Judy S.


We are very pleased with the product! We'll be happy to tell anybody what a great item this is for the health of cats. Our eldest (now age 15) particularly likes the fountain, and drinking running water from the tap is now a tired second-best as far as she's concerned.



I have a cat who has only liked to drink from the faucet. She would meow and meow until I turned on the faucet. Because of living circumstances, I needed to move the cat into a part of the house that did not have a faucet. I found the Drinkwell Fountain and it completely did the trick. She is such a happy camper! She doesn't even meow for her water anymore which makes me an equally happy camper. She just goes over to the fountain and happily drinks from the waterfall. Thank you! Thank you! Warm regards from a totally satisfied customer!

Judy H. & Apricot (Meow) Nevada


All of my cats love it! It is just such a wonderful and brilliant design! My cats congregate around the fountain like it's a watering hole in the Serengeti. You've made all our lives so much better!

Mimi K.


I had to write to thank you for this wonderful product. One of my cats, Frank, was out of normal range with his kidneys on his last vet visit. I knew that he needed to be drinking more water. He just didn't drink out of the bowl. Frank has always liked a dripping faucet, so I happened upon the Drinkwell Fountain online and ordered one. I had no idea such a product even existed. Frank loves it. He drinks nearly a cup of water each day. I'm sure his kidneys will be much improved on his next visit to the vet. Thanks a bunch on Frank's behalf.

Barb H.


I own a Drinkwell Pet Fountain and am very, very happy with it. My cats particularly love it because their water is always fresh and clean. The fountain encourages them to drink simply because of the movement of the water.

Jan H.


I just want to take the time to tell you how much I (and my cats) enjoy the Drinkwell Pet Fountain...I enjoy watching each of my cats use the fountain, as each has his own way of drinking from it. Red the Rat plunges his whole head under the flow and catches the drips coming off his forehead!

Pat G.


We have a 104-lb. female Rottweiler who loves to drink fresh water. She was spoiled as a baby; we used to let her jump in the bathroom tub for drinks! As you can imagine, giving her drinks from the tub each time she jumped in and barked (quite loudly) if you didn't pay attention to her request, got old! She loves your fountain and adapted right to it. I wish we would have had your fountain years ago when we had two large male Rotties. They would have loved it!

Valerie R. Arvada, CO


My 17 year old cat had gotten into the habit of only drinking if I turned on the bathroom faucet. Now I can leave home and know she'll drink the water she needs.

Dorothy P.


I want to thank you for this wonderful product. I first purchased one for my elderly kitty who has had a kidney removed. He was waking me up every two hours to run the faucet for him. Driven by sleep deprivation, I looked for a miracle and found one called the Drinkwell Pet Fountain. When I got one for him, he would lay by it and watch the water coming out, like a lion by a waterfall.

Barbara C.